You are so much more...

More than your measurements. Technology has sought to understand this from the physical perspective only. But the way your clothes fit is about your belief about so much more. It reflects who you desire to be, the way you want to be seen, the comfort that allows you to feel good about your choices.

Intervisual understands you and the choices you make when choosing clothing. Our technical solution starts with your simple measurements. Then we allow you to refine based not just by measurements but by body shape and appearance. But this is only the first step.

Then we tackle the garment. We actually take apart every size and brand garment to understand the way the designer intended it to fit. We scan the material, we measure every seam, track every rivet, pleat and gusset to recreate a digital version of the garment.

Now we can use incredible 3D modeling technology to show you the actual garment draped on your actual body. It’s an amazing experience that’s like shopping with a trusted friend. One that gives you an incredible view of how you will look in the real world.