Isabelle Haulin

Co-founder & VP of Research & Development

Early in her career, Isabelle saw the potential for high-quality 3D imagery to accurately determine the look and fit of apparel. Working for the French visual effects innovator BUF Compagnie, she was a major contributor to development of the firm’s animation software, ranging from cloth simulation, inverse kinematics, to skinning (the process of attaching a surface onto an underlying skeleton), to using the shader graphics programming language.

Isabelle used those tools in state-of-the-art feature films, including The Matrix 2 and The Matrix 3, Alexander, and The Cell. She later applied her expertise at Embodee Corp., which she co-founded. As head of research and development for seven years, she helped to develop the company’s process for creating and modeling 3D digital apparel.

Isabelle received her Master of Art in 3D Computer Graphics from Université de Geneve in Geneva, Switzerland.